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Technology Review (2015)

Das Kind im Roboter - Eingebaute Kindheit macht Maschinen schlauer
... or how machines benefit from a childhood, and what we can learn from those machines about ourselves. Coverage with me, my research, and about our community and conference.
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Das Kind im Roboter 

NewScientist (2014)

Robot elephant trunk learns motor skills like a baby
New Scientist's reporter Paul Marks reports about goal babbling on the BHA, and his impression of a robot that feels "feels strangely alive".

NewScientist aftermath 

After New Scientist many other sites picked up the story. A non-complete list of sites from various countries in various languages:

Interestingly, those sites making some associations to a famous comic had the by far highest impact in the social networks... Definitely not the purpose of this research, but still interesting.

Bielefeld University uni.aktuell (2013)

15 Arbeiten aus allen Fakultäten ausgezeichnet
Report about the WLUG dissertation prizes 2013, see here for the pictures.

BI.research (2013) Robotern das Lernen beibringen // Teaching Robots how to Learn
Bielefeld University's research magazine reports about Lars and me (as 'Bielefeld researchers') going abroad, and about our research.

IEEE Spectrum (2012)

Video Friday: Curiosity Learns to Scoop, Robot Tentacle Learns to Grab, iCub Learns About Rolling

Die Weltwoche (2009)

WDR Lokalzeit (2009)
"Asimo wird immer menschlicher" WDR-Mediathek, Regional, 21.01.2009

"Roboter ASIMO malt das Haus vom Nikolaus", Westfalenblatt, 22.01.2009
"Stippvisite bei Asimo", Neue Westfälische, 22.01.2009

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Online Goal Babbling – motor learning paper review (2013)

Robot tentacle learns to reach: “goal babbling” (2012)

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Developmental Robotics (

How infants tell us how to control the Bionic Handling Assistant (
Ein Roboter-Rüssel lernt wie ein Baby (

Simulation of the Bionic Handling Assistant (
Simulation des Bionischen Handling-Assistenten (

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