Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Computational Models of Infant Development @ ICIS

Together with Jochen Triesch, Matt Schlesinger, and Minoru Asada, I am currently co-organizing the workshop "Computational Models of Infant Development" as pre-conference event for the 19. Biennial Int. Conf. Infant Studies. The workshop will be held on July 2nd, the main conference from July 3 to July 5, both in the Maritim Hotel, Berlin, Germany.
The workshop will bring together a wide set of perspectives on computational development and learning:
Recent years have seen a growing interest in using computational modeling to complement classic experimental approaches for studying infant development. This workshop is aimed at modelers and non-modelers alike. It showcases recent successes of the fruitful interaction of empirical and theoretical/computational research in infant development. Leading theorists will highlight how careful theoretical work can lead to a better understanding of empirical data and generate testable predictions for future experiments. A second aim of the workshop is to compare different modeling approaches or „schools“ including neural networks, Bayesian reasoning, and dynamical systems, emphasizing their respective strengths and weaknesses.
Check out the full information here, and participate :-)

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